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What has the image to do with anything in this article? Absolutely nothing, I thought it was hilarious and therefore after seeing it for myself on the website calls, I thought it would have been fun to share that with you all.

Where I really wanted to go today to talk about to websites and one in particular that offers Alternative News. news the way it actually happen that’s what they offer, they don’t adjust the news to make it sound better, they do not adjust the news to make politicians happy, they do not adjust the news in any way whatsoever and that’s why I enjoyed reading each and every single one of them news articles.

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the above website and the one that I will mention shortly below on discoveries found on a LinkedIn account that belong to a very successful online CEO calls Thomas F Cheng.

Also mentioned roughly 2 months ago a Entertainment news websites that happens to be an incredible resource when it comes down to celebrity news and gossip in general, and therefore if you are one of them millions of people in the country that enjoyed reading about your favorite celebrity then be my guest and check out the website link in this paragraph.

Entertainment and Celebrity News in a totally different and new format

We have been leaving Thomas F Cheng Marketing manager to spider the web for us, I have taken particular attention to his Facebook page, this man is an incredibly successful CEO and conducts business on the Internet and has been doing so for the past 20 years, however in his part time hobby he will go in depth and discover websites, just like the website that we are about to talk about today that is deeply involved in what occurs in Hollywood on a daily basis.

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So when I say that this is a celebrity and Entertainment News website that basically has no competition all rivals, then you have to trust me when I say that, because it is the absolute truth and I’m not just saying it out of the blue, the reason I’m saying it is because I know several very famous, extremely popular Internet websites that offer the same thing and they don’t even come minimally close to what they offer and their news is barely comparable with what they have in their basket.

At this point it makes me believe that the website that we talking about today is incredibly well connected with people inside Hollywood that are giving then the news when it actually happens in real time.

We are constantly spidering the web for new websites for you to enjoy!

Most of all for me to enjoy because I’m the one that finds them, I am the one that checks them out in absolute debt and I of course and the one that along with Thomas F Cheng Marketing we’ll see if they are suitable for a mainstream audience, and that includes of course teenagers and if that is the case then Thomas will talk about it on his blogs and I so do the same on the network of blogs I post on on a daily basis.

celeb news

The first website that came to my attention and I shared with Thomas, is a Weird News blog that has a brand-new concept, that concept is where you can actually interact with the blog writers and save your own, you can even post your own articles and see how many people from all over the world are reading them and liking them, this is something absolutely rare online today and that’s why I truly believe it will become a spread trend and new concept.

On the same way as the website that we have already discussed, is this Celebrity News website that is quite the thing, yet to be discovered by the general public, and I don’t know why because it had already been on the Internet for over a year, however it offers celebrity news, news directly from Hollywood that is a lot better from what you read even on the huge networks, simply because they tell you the news the way it happened and it’s very true for they don’t add or make it sound better or even make it sound worse though just tell you it exactly how it happened.

The incredible variety that there is in the mainstream web

the Internet has gone an extremely long way, people thought that it would have never become something massive like it is today back then in 1987 when the first web surfers would approach what was called at the time Superave, but shortly after the name of the World Wide Web. No one had any idea at all that there would’ve been massive websites where you could just pick up any sort of information just like Wikipedia, but you could buy and sell online all over the world with a website called eBay, that you could send money not through a bank swift but online thanks to a website called PayPal, that you could actually interact with people from all over the world thanks to places like MySpace, Facebook and now MOAR social media-based platforms.

social media news

And because we are in the theme of social media maybe you would be interested in also visiting this Social Media Apps review blog, that is stacked and packed full of incredible news regarding social media and therefore all the latest platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Google plus, they also review tools and widgets, they reviewed the latest applications for your favorite social media pages and therefore is whether bookmark considering also that this website is free for everybody watch, to read and to enjoy.

I have to confess however, I did not find these websites by myself, where did I find them? I was visiting the YouTube channel of Thomas F Cheng and notice that he had mentioned these two websites in one of its videos and decided to visit them, and therefore just a piece of luck but I’m glad I did because I reviewed them and I understood that they are two extremely good quality websites, and therefore thank you Thomas.

Many social media tools for Twitter are now available more than ever

We all know that twitter is having several issues regarding how to monetize its website, not only that we have seen that its stock has also crumbled in these past few months, a new CEO has taken over and has decided to fire a third of its workforce, twitter seems to be the next MySpace, it seems to be a social media network with out a future and that’s why they are coming out with so many different Social Media Tools.

tools social media twitter

I’m speculating the reason why they are allowing third-party technicians and developers to create these tools and to use them on their platform is to try and attract those lost users. In an attempt to recover something that seems going down the drain, something that really has no possibility in any form all way whatsoever to recover from the downhill slide that it is taking.

I as a twitter user can say that I am extremely disappointed on how twitter initially a few years back destroyed third-party tools without realizing that this would be the end of that platform, unfortunately it seems they realized only too late however I have listed in the first paragraph of this brief article a contextual link as you can see in bold text that will lead you to a specific website that has listed all these tools that can help make your Twitter experience less painful.

Finding great sites while spidering the internet

That’s what I love doing, I have been doing this in the adult entertainment business for 13 years and it has been in the past six months that I have decided to open a series of blocks, also in the mainstream world that happens to be 78% of the World Wide Web, so I just want to widen my horizons and start reviewing websites for all ages and not just for an adult audience.

Talking with my good friend Thomas F Cheng he thought that it was an absolutely great idea and invited me, he actually encouraged me and pushed me to do it, and that’s why I opened 50 different mainstream blogs that will talk about mainstream websites day in and day out.

So let’s get started and review extremely briefly a website that offers curious and funny news, the website is called actually Moar Funny News and is very original. Everything is handwritten, they have several journalists that write articles for them, most of them are very well known independent journalists, so by visiting the website you can see the signatures of these journalists and understand immediately that this is not just some blog full of blah blah blah, but it is actually something serious and is about to become in my humble opinion a new trend.

Then another very solid log, that I noticed as several journalists working for it as well is this entertainment website that offers exclusively Gossip News. Now I really don’t want to say anything else more about it, what I want you to do is to visit this website click on the contextual link that I posted in this paragraph and I would like you to check it out, then I would like you to come back and tell us your experience, tell us if it is amazing as we think it is, all comments are accepted so even if they are negative it’s very important for us to know.