Happy fourth of July everybody I really do hope that you all have a safe one and at the same time a fun one, I myself will be heading off to my in-laws where my wife and children are already at yesterday evening, meanwhile I’m going to enjoy a nice bag full of pot and Weed thought I’d gone through a prescription thanks to my doctor regarding the big shoulder pains that have been tormenting me since my soccer accident of last February.

420 weed

I was told to ask my doctor about cannabis medication thanks to a friend calls Thomas Cheng he himself has never had a reason to use it as he is one of the very few fortunate people that I know that has never suffered nerve pains or broken bones, however he does have a wife that unfortunately cracked her ankle a few months back and has been using marijuana medication to help ease the pain while her ankle is healing and of course during the rehab period. So like me and you live in California and you do have something that conventional medication is not doing a great job for you, remember that you can always contact your doctor and ask him for marijuana medication as an alternative.