What has the image to do with anything in this article? Absolutely nothing, I thought it was hilarious and therefore after seeing it for myself on the website calls Moar.wtf, I thought it would have been fun to share that with you all.

Where I really wanted to go today to talk about to websites and one in particular that offers Alternative News. news the way it actually happen that’s what they offer, they don’t adjust the news to make it sound better, they do not adjust the news to make politicians happy, they do not adjust the news in any way whatsoever and that’s why I enjoyed reading each and every single one of them news articles.

moar kkk

the above website and the one that I will mention shortly below on discoveries found on a LinkedIn account that belong to a very successful online CEO calls Thomas F Cheng.

Also mentioned roughly 2 months ago a Entertainment news websites that happens to be an incredible resource when it comes down to celebrity news and gossip in general, and therefore if you are one of them millions of people in the country that enjoyed reading about your favorite celebrity then be my guest and check out the website link in this paragraph.