We have been leaving Thomas F Cheng Marketing manager to spider the web for us, I have taken particular attention to his Facebook page, this man is an incredibly successful CEO and conducts business on the Internet and has been doing so for the past 20 years, however in his part time hobby he will go in depth and discover websites, just like the website that we are about to talk about today that is deeply involved in what occurs in Hollywood on a daily basis.

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So when I say that this is a celebrity and Entertainment News website that basically has no competition all rivals, then you have to trust me when I say that, because it is the absolute truth and I’m not just saying it out of the blue, the reason I’m saying it is because I know several very famous, extremely popular Internet websites that offer the same thing and they don’t even come minimally close to what they offer and their news is barely comparable with what they have in their basket.

At this point it makes me believe that the website that we talking about today is incredibly well connected with people inside Hollywood that are giving then the news when it actually happens in real time.