Most of all for me to enjoy because I’m the one that finds them, I am the one that checks them out in absolute debt and I of course and the one that along with Thomas F Cheng Marketing we’ll see if they are suitable for a mainstream audience, and that includes of course teenagers and if that is the case then Thomas will talk about it on his blogs and I so do the same on the network of blogs I post on on a daily basis.

celeb news

The first website that came to my attention and I shared with Thomas, is a Weird News blog that has a brand-new concept, that concept is where you can actually interact with the blog writers and save your own, you can even post your own articles and see how many people from all over the world are reading them and liking them, this is something absolutely rare online today and that’s why I truly believe it will become a spread trend and new concept.

On the same way as the website that we have already discussed, is this Celebrity News website that is quite the thing, yet to be discovered by the general public, and I don’t know why because it had already been on the Internet for over a year, however it offers celebrity news, news directly from Hollywood that is a lot better from what you read even on the huge networks, simply because they tell you the news the way it happened and it’s very true for they don’t add or make it sound better or even make it sound worse though just tell you it exactly how it happened.