the Internet has gone an extremely long way, people thought that it would have never become something massive like it is today back then in 1987 when the first web surfers would approach what was called at the time Superave, but shortly after the name of the World Wide Web. No one had any idea at all that there would’ve been massive websites where you could just pick up any sort of information just like Wikipedia, but you could buy and sell online all over the world with a website called eBay, that you could send money not through a bank swift but online thanks to a website called PayPal, that you could actually interact with people from all over the world thanks to places like MySpace, Facebook and now MOAR social media-based platforms.

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I have to confess however, I did not find these websites by myself, where did I find them? I was visiting the YouTube channel of Thomas F Cheng and notice that he had mentioned these two websites in one of its videos and decided to visit them, and therefore just a piece of luck but I’m glad I did because I reviewed them and I understood that they are two extremely good quality websites, and therefore thank you Thomas.