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Many social media tools for Twitter are now available more than ever

We all know that twitter is having several issues regarding how to monetize its website, not only that we have seen that its stock has also crumbled in these past few months, a new CEO has taken over and has decided to fire a third of its workforce, twitter seems to be the next MySpace, it seems to be a social media network with out a future and that’s why they are coming out with so many different Social Media Tools.

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I’m speculating the reason why they are allowing third-party technicians and developers to create these tools and to use them on their platform is to try and attract those lost users. In an attempt to recover something that seems going down the drain, something that really has no possibility in any form all way whatsoever to recover from the downhill slide that it is taking.

I as a twitter user can say that I am extremely disappointed on how twitter initially a few years back destroyed third-party tools without realizing that this would be the end of that platform, unfortunately it seems they realized only too late however I have listed in the first paragraph of this brief article a contextual link as you can see in bold text that will lead you to a specific website that has listed all these tools that can help make your Twitter experience less painful.

Finding great sites while spidering the internet

That’s what I love doing, I have been doing this in the adult entertainment business for 13 years and it has been in the past six months that I have decided to open a series of blocks, also in the mainstream world that happens to be 78% of the World Wide Web, so I just want to widen my horizons and start reviewing websites for all ages and not just for an adult audience.

Talking with my good friend Thomas F Cheng he thought that it was an absolutely great idea and invited me, he actually encouraged me and pushed me to do it, and that’s why I opened 50 different mainstream blogs that will talk about mainstream websites day in and day out.

So let’s get started and review extremely briefly a website that offers curious and funny news, the website is called actually Moar Funny News and is very original. Everything is handwritten, they have several journalists that write articles for them, most of them are very well known independent journalists, so by visiting the website you can see the signatures of these journalists and understand immediately that this is not just some blog full of blah blah blah, but it is actually something serious and is about to become in my humble opinion a new trend.

Then another very solid log, that I noticed as several journalists working for it as well is this entertainment website that offers exclusively Gossip News. Now I really don’t want to say anything else more about it, what I want you to do is to visit this website click on the contextual link that I posted in this paragraph and I would like you to check it out, then I would like you to come back and tell us your experience, tell us if it is amazing as we think it is, all comments are accepted so even if they are negative it’s very important for us to know.